2016 Charge Calendar

                  2017 Runville Charge Calendar


Mondays “         Girl Scouts use Runville Church (6:30pm all year)

Wednesday “     Charge Bible Study

                              Runville Adult Choir (6:30pm Sept.-May)

Thursday “         Charge Quilters at Runville (6:30pm all year)

Sunday “             Charge Youth Groups at Runville (6pm Sept.-May)

December 2016

28 Runville Choir Prac, 6:30 pm  
Bible Study at Skip Millers Home, 7pm   
29 Quilting Group Meets at Runville Church, 6:30pm   
31 New Year's Eve Party 6pm   at Yarnell Community Bldg. 

January 2017

January 1st                                Charge Food Closet Sunday

January 2nd       11:30am           Bellefonte Comm. Lunch 1st Presb.         

                        January 3rd        7pm                 Runville Church Council

(Note Date Change)

                        January 7th        6pm                 Family Movie Night "Secret Life of Pets

                        January 8th       5pm                 Youth Leader Meeting at Runville Church

                        January 14th      3pm                 Costa Rica Mission Team Mtg. at Runville

(All members are asked to attend and minors, please bring a parent.  Everyone please bring all of your medical info. to complete forms)

5pm                 Chicken & Waffle Community Meal at Yarnell Comm. Bldg.

                        January 15th      12:15pm          Runville Church Maturity Team Mtg.

                        January 17th      7pm                 Yarnell Church Council

                        January 22nd     6pm                 30Hr Famine Concert at Runville Church

                        January 23rd     12 noon            Runville Church Senior Ministry Mtg.

                        January 29th      11am               Yarnell Church 5th Sunday Meal at

                                              Yarnell Comm. Bldg.


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